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The online presentation of Southern Mosaic: The John and Ruby Lomax Southern States Recording Trip, was organized and developed by Digital Conversion Project Coordinator Thomas Bramel and Digital Conversion Specialists Rachel Howard and Christa Maher. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of many other persons and organizations:

Essential support was provided by a generous grant from The Texaco Foundation.

Archivist Nora Yeh coordinated the efforts of the American Folklife Center staff. Other Center staff who contributed to the development of this online presentation include Alan Jabbour and James Hardin, who provided editorial guidance; Camila Bryce-Laporte, Carol Moran, volunteer Marie-Louise Walter, and junior fellows Steven Pape, Clare Norcio, and Mitchell Palmer, who performed background research on the collection; digital conversion specialists Robin Fanslow and Laurel McIntyre, who provided technical and translation expertise; Catherine Hiebert Kerst, who standardized genre terminology; David A. Taylor and Rachel Howard, who conducted an interview with performer Frank Goodwyn and his wife Elizabeth; and Joseph C. Hickerson, who provided copyright research guidance and supplied Lomax lore.

Many dedicated professionals on the staff of the National Digital Library Program worked on Southern Mosaic. Glenn Ricci coordinated the web page design framework and graphics. Melissa Smith Levine coordinated copyright and permissions for the collection. Rachel Howard and Christa Maher created the digital audio files and scanned the dust jackets. Elizabeth Madden and Deborah Thomas assisted with database conversion and technical support. Dominique Pickett digitized the Southern states map. Steve McCollum and Chris Pohlhaus coordinated image quality review. Emily Lind Baker, Jeff Finlay, and Juretta Heckscher assisted in the editorial process. Danna Bell-Russel coordinated publicity for the online presentation.

Mary Ambrosio of Information Technology Services programmed the indexing and display of the documents.

Brad McCoy in the Magnetic Recording Laboratory of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division made the original disk-to-tape transfers.

Phil Michel, Mary Mundy, and Timberly Wuester in the Prints and Photographs Division managed the cataloguing, processing, and digitizing of the photos.

Anton Pierce of the Automation Planning and Liaison Office completed the photo database conversion.

Wayne D. Shirley of the Music Division assisted with copyright research.

JJT, Inc. scanned the photographs.

Systems Integration Group, Inc. scanned manuscripts and converted them to SGML encoded texts.

Special thanks to: Norma E. Cantú, Acting Director, Center for Chicano Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Daniel Sheehy, Director, Folk & Traditional Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, for identifying select Spanish language songs; to Robert Carlin of Southern Traditional Music for his assistance with the discography; to Frank and Elizabeth Goodwyn of Silver Spring, Maryland for song identification and background information; to Bess Lomax Hawes for editorial advice; to John Cowley for his inventory of photographs; and to Marcia White of The Arkansas Department of Corrections for her diligent research in the prison's archives.

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