Omaha Indian Music

Research Materials

1983 Pow-Wow Fieldnotes
Thirty-five pages contain two sets of fieldnotes written by Carl Fleischhauer and Dorothy Sara Lee following the 1983 pow-wow to give a sense of the activities.

1983 Pow-Wow Tape Logs
Included are thirty pages of tape logs created by Carl Fleischhauer and Dorothy Sara Lee that correspond to the original thirty seven-inch tapes recorded during the 1983 pow-wow.

1983 Pow-Wow Program
This includes a schedule of events, as well as brief information about selected participants, photographs of the Omaha Tribal Pow-Wow Committee Officers, a memorial to Mr. and Mrs. John Turner, and excerpts from the Prince Maximilian of Wied diaries.

1983 Pow-Wow Posters: 1 | 2

1985 Hethu'shka Society Concert Flier

Hethu'shka Society Membership Document

Images and transcriptions of eleven pages of official correspondence relevant to the publication of the Omaha Indian Music: Historical Recordings from the Fletcher/La Flesche Collection LP, the 1983 harvest celebration pow-wow, and the 1985 Hethu'shka Society concert are included.

A selection of 152 black-and-white photographs and 174 color slides from the 1983 pow-wow and the August 22, 1985 Hethu'shka Society concert are included in the collection. Users also have reference access to the all of the 654 black-and-white and 436 color photographs that were made during the 1983 pow-wow and 1985 concert.

Omaha Indian Music