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Transcript: Abandoning Old People | Транскрипт: Оставление Стариков

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Abandoning Old People(thumbnail)

Abandoning Old People

Оставление Стариков

I have never seen an old person abandoned and have heard of only one in all (Kiowa) history - Long ago an old man had no family or relatives - he got so old and weak he could not travel - the buffalo were away many days travel, and the old man said "I am tired out, I cannot travel anymore - I am too old and weak, leave me here - it is too far for me" and they left him there alone on the Staked Plains beyond the head of "Big Sandy" River (Red River of Nachitoches) - they abandoned him - he had no relatives to look after him and it was too far - all the other old people are treated very well - you yourself have seen how that old woman "Mud" Domats great great grandmother was cared for - they took her everywhere - she was more than 100 years old - she was foolish when she died two years ago (in 1895) she couldn't walk or do anything for herself but they took good care of her until she died - her ribs on each side collapsed she (old died) died of old age.

Я никогда не видел ни одного оставленного старика. Я слышал только об одном из всех рассказов Кайова. Давным давно один одинокий старик ослабел и не мог больше охотиться на бизонов. "Я слишком стар и слаб, оставьте меня здесь,"- сказал он. И индейцы оставили его одного на равнинах у верховья реки Биг Сенди. За другими же стариками хорошо ухаживали и даже есть случай, когда индейцы ухаживали за 100 летней старухой. Они брали ее везде с собой, когда она уже не могла ходить и что-либо делать. Они хорошо за ней ухаживали пока она не умерла и ее ребра не рухнули с обеих сторон.


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